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Certified Elephant Friendly Tea

Davidson’s Organics is trailblazing the tea industry with the launch of Certified Elephant Friendly™ teas, developed with the core mission of protecting Asian elephants and their habitat in the tea-growing regions of North-East India.

With the launch of its range of Certified Elephant Friendly™ teas, Davidson’s Organics has joined Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) to ensure a world where people and wild species coexist and thrive. Davidson’s tea estates include three family-owned tea gardens that were among the first tea estates to become Certified Elephant Friendly™ — Putharjhora (in Dooars), Banaspaty (in Assam), and Snowview (in Darjeeling).

Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) are considered an endangered species, as determined by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (2019), with populations in north-east India seemingly in decline. Considered to be a ‘habitat generalist’ species, Asian elephants can adapt to human-modified areas, making conservation practices outside natural forested areas of key importance for their survival.

Despite habitat loss and fragmentation, these magnificent animals continue to use ancient migratory routes that often include passing through and around tea gardens. A combination of poor and unsafe management practices in these tea gardens puts Asian elephants at risk of injury or death from agrochemicals, razor and electrified fencing, low-hanging electrical lines, or deep and narrow drainage ditches.

To address these threats, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) and the University of Montana partnered to create a set of standards and Elephant Friendly™ Tea certification that require tea gardens to: protect elephants, their habitat and water sources on or near the tea gardens, stop all potentially harmful practices, provide employee training on ways to address elephant movement within the tea gardens, and create safe passage routes for the elephants.

“As a valued Network member, Davidson’s Organics will be raising consumer awareness of the conservation needs of Asian Elephants and inspiring other companies to follow Wildlife Friendly®  practices, changing the world one cup of Certified Elephant Friendly™ tea at a time”, said Christine Lippai, Executive Director at WFEN. “Bringing Certified Elephant Friendly™ teas into their product range, Davidson’s is showcasing how tea production can – and does – include elephant welfare and conservation at the heart of business plans”.

Davidson’s is providing their customers with eight blends, all from Certified Elephant Friendly™ tea estates. Named after the elephants they protect, these Haathi (the Hindi word for elephant) blends include:

  • Haathi Malty Assam: a full-bodied, bold black tea with a malty finish from the famed Banaspaty Tea Estate in India.
  • Haathi Himalayan Green: a refreshing, antioxidant-rich green tea with a light flavor profile and crip finish.
  • Haathi Imperial White: a delicate white tea with a subtle, floral base and sweet finish.
  • Haathi Darjeeling Lavender: a full-bodied black tea brew layered with soothing and restorative lavender.
  • Haathi Earl Grey Tropical: a citrus twist on a bold black tea and best-selling bergamot flavor.
  • Haathi Strawberry Rose: a delicate white tea paired with sweet notes of strawberry and rose.
  • Haathi Chai: a combination of robust herbs and spices with a full-bodied black tea base.
  • Haathi Passionfruit Green: a refreshing and tangy passion fruit tropical treat with a green tea base.

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About Davidson’s Organics

Davidson’s organic teas are USDA Organic Certified, as well as Fair Trade Certified, and are therefore free of pesticides, dairy, GMOs and other non-permitted ingredients. Davidson’s has been committed to providing the freshest, purest teas for over forty years. Direct from family-owned tea gardens in India to their facility in Nevada, Davidson’s offers a wide variety of blends and traditional teas in tea bags, loose leaf, and iced tea formats. Davidson’s is proud to share the benefit of drinking pure, organic teas from their own family tea gardens exclusively with the United States. Visit for more information about specialty teas, gifts and tea accessories.