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Proyecto Titi Offers Eco-Mochilas from Colombia

Proyecto Titi protects the cotton-top tamarin.

Proyecto Titi, based in Colombia, uses economic incentives to protect the cotton-top tamarin as well as its rain forest habitat while improving the lives of impoverished Colombian villagers. Villagers collect plastic bags that are usually littered or burned and turn them into a traditional Colombian bag called a Mochila. Proyecto Titi makes the bags from 100-200 plastic bags that previously ended up in the forest and waterways endangering wildlife. Bag sales benefit the villagers and provide jobs and expanded income. Proyecto Titi is helping small rural communities reach global markets and expand production and thus conservation practices. Proyecto Titi also educates youth on the cotton-top tamarin and it’s habitat and engages in other projects that conserve and monitor the rainforest.