Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network
Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

What We Do

What We Do

WFEN works to ensure wildlife conservation through the promotion and certification of responsible production practices, tourism, enterprise development, education and branding:

  • We seek to mainstream the concept of Wildlife Friendly® enterprise and products via the Certified Wildlife Friendly®, Predator Friendly®, and Gorilla Friendly™ certifications.

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    Rukinga Kenya / Wildlife Works

  • We set the standard for Wildlife Friendly® enterprise around-the-world by subjecting our certified goods and services to stringent peer review and by requiring that members adopt best practices.
  • We assist members to reach new and dynamic markets and to achieve a fair price for Wildlife Friendly® products.
  • We advocate for the production of high quality goods and services that deliver measurable improvements for wildlife in wild places and on private farm and ranchlands in between.
  • We enable global companies to reach their sustainability targets and reduce risk in their supply chains by sourcing Wildlife Friendly® raw materials and services.
  • We consult with our Corporate Network Members on Wildlife Friendly® product development, sustainable sourcing, eco-agriculture, conservation farming and conservation land purchases, best practices for biodiversity and business, addressing the illegal wildlife trade, and building Wildlife Friendly® value chains.
  • We promote community-level economic development and poverty reduction by linking incentives and income opportunities to the adoption of conservation practices.
  • We require systematic monitoring and evaluation to ensure conformity with our mission.
  • We value local expertise in devising workable solutions and strategies and recognize that local investment is essential for the success of Wildlife Friendly® enterprise.
  • We believe in the power of the educated consumer to change the world. By creating incentives for the protection of global biodiversity we work to institute best practices on the landscape. Through effective and compelling storytelling, branding and marketing we work towards changing attitudes and behavior.
  • We use the power of the marketplace to enable conservation of intact landscapes critical to the provision of ecosystem services, of areas that support thriving populations of wildlife, including wildlife corridors through working lands, and which enable adaptation and disaster resilience in the face of climate change.