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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

Who We Are

Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network conserves threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities.

Our mission is to protect wildlife in wild places and on agricultural lands, by certifying enterprises that assure people and nature coexist and thrive.

We use the power of the marketplace to create on-the-ground change by providing incentives for the protection of biodiversity around the world.  We offer opportunities for people in often rural and disadvantaged communities and we enable conservation of intact landscapes critical to the provision of ecosystem services.

Our work in partnership with herders and ranchers around the world helps to ensure wildlife corridors through working lands. These lands enable resilience for wildlife and people in the face of climate change.

WFEN includes conservationists, businesses, artisans, farmers, ranchers and herders, and harvesters and indigenous peoples from around the world.

Our Principles
  • Wildlife Conservation. We champion the conservation of wildlife in wild places around the world. Our members are committed to the protection of imperiled species and biodiversity.
  • Economic Well Being. We foster economic and social opportunities in rural communities. Certified Wildlife Friendly® products provide a tangible benefit for conserving wildlife.
  • Accountability. We promote best conservation practices and robust monitoring efforts.
Look for Our Logo and Trademark

The Certified Wildlife Friendly®, Wildlife Friendly®, and Predator Friendly® marks are Registered Trademarks of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. The unauthorized use of the Registered Trademarks is strictly prohibited. Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network reserves the right to take any legal action it deems necessary to protect its trademark rights. If you do not see our logo or are unsure if a product or service is certified with us please contact: