Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network
Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network


Wildlife Works on CNN

“…a way to not only protect Africa’s wildlife, but also to create sustainable communities at the same time.”

Video courtesy of Wildlife Works

COMACO: Community Markets for Conservation

Providing solutions for how humans and the environment can coexist.

Videos Courtesy of COMACO

ProyectoTiti: Conserving Columbia’s Wildlife

Turning trash into beautiful Eco-Mochilas to protect endangered cotton-top tamarin and their rain-forest habitat while economically empowering Columbian villagers.

Video Courtesy of ProyectoTiti

13 Mile Lamb and Wool

Demonstrating that Livestock and Wildlife Can Co-exist.

Video Courtesy of WildFutures ©2001

Ibis Rice: Community Farmers Protect & Conserve the Giant IbisWhile Cultivating their Traditional Rice

The Northern Plains of Cambodia are home to the greatest aggregation of large mammals and water birds beyond the savannas of Africa.

Video Courtesy of WCS

Snow Leopard Trust: Saving Snow Leopards for over 25 Years

“By partnering with local people and communities of Central Asia, the Snow Leopard Trust protects the endangered snow leopard.”

Video Courtesy of the Snow Leopard Trust. Thanks to Gayle Podrabsky, Peter Matthiessen, Joel Bennett, Hugh Miles, and NHNZ.