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What the Loro Piana exposé taught us about wildlife conservation. Vogue Business, May 2024

Sustainability schemes proliferating in North American food industry., January 2024

CONGO: Nouabale-Ndoki Park receive Gorilla Friendly certification. Afrik21, October 2023, by Boris Ngounou

Is gorilla-friendly conservation compatible with local communities and tourism?, The “Good Tourism” Blog, September 2023

Giant Armadillos were Destroying Beehives in Brazil, Sierra, The Magazine of the Sierra Club, July 2023

Landscape Case Study: Certified Gorilla Friendly Success Story in the Virunga Landscape, WWF Beyond Tourism Newsletter, May 2023

Arnaud Desbiez and his Giant Armadillo Study. Podcast at, April 2023

Certified Gorilla Friendly Program to Improve Conservation Tourism, KT Press, Rwanda, November 2022

Sustainability: Where Fashion is Headed in 2022, Vogue Business, December 2021

World leaders gear up to tackle biodiversity loss. Fashion should pay attention, Vogue Business, October 2021

Regenerative Fund for Nature: selected projects for 2021, Kering, September 3 2021

LVMH and Kering Announcing New Initiatives at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, WWD, September 3 2021

Be Gorilla Friendly™: Take the Pledge and Help Mountain Gorillas Stay Safe!, The New Times, August 18 2021

Human-wildlife conflict one of greatest threats to wildlife species – WWF and UNEP report, United Nations Environment Programme Press Release, July 8 2021

Sustainable ingredients go back to the source, Dairy Foods, July 6 2021

HOUSE of WARIS Launches Certified Elephant-Friendly Black Tea With Elephant Family’s Coexistence Exhibition in The Royal Parks of London, PR Newswire, June 21 2021

What’s in a label? Ask third-party certifiers, FarmProgress, May 20 2021

In Colombia, a successful jaguar conservation program has a whiff of coffee, Mongabay, May 20 2021

The mid-air walkways saving endangered animals, BBC, May 16 2021

The Fashion Pact launches new push to help curb industry’s impact on biodiversity, Business Green, March 9 2021

Meet the Dogs that Save Cats, Newswise, January 21 2021

Beauty’s seal of approval: The latest eco-certifications providing a framework for beauty businesses, Cosmetics Business, January 19 2021

Bank backs eco-friendly farming, The Phnom Penh Post, December 18 2020

Bridge over troubled forests: how Java’s slow lorises are creeping back, The Guardian, October 13 2020

Can India’s wild elephants find a haven in tea gardens?, Christian Science Monitor, October 5 2020

Natural cosmetics must create ‘net environmental good’ amid global biodiversity crisis, says Wildlife Friendly startup Seilich, Cosmetics Design Europe, September 3 2020

Wildlife Friendly Certification Could Be The Next Big Stamp of Approval for Beauty Brands, Cosmetics Business, August 12 2020

Fashion and Beauty Industries Have a Huge, Invisible Environmental Cost, HuffPost, August 12 2020

What Are Certified Wildlife Friendly Fibers?, Eluxe Magazine, August 11 2020

The Republic of Tea Debuts Certified Elephant Friendly™ Chai Teas on World Elephant Day, August 11 2020

What Travelers Can do to Save the Planet, AFAR Media Earth Day Feature, April 2020

World of Good: Elephant Friendly™ Tea, animated video produced by AFAR Media, April 2020

El Nido Resorts gets WFEN certification, The Manila Times, April 11 2020

Ten Knots group receives world’s first Sea Turtle Friendly™ certification, Business Mirror, April 7 2020

Palawan upscale resorts get ‘turtle friendly’ recognition, Manila Standard, March 27 2020

Palawan Based Ten Knots Group Gets The Prestigious Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network Certification, Out of Town Blog, March 23 2020

University of Montana helps Asian elephants through ‘unconventional’ work, Missoulian, January 26 2020

Standards set for jumbo-friendly tea, The Telegraph India, January 26 2020

Elephants are falling into trenches on Indian tea plantations, National Geographic, January 24 2020

Travel. Enjoy. Respect., Air Asia’s in-flight magazine Travel360, January 2020. Featuring Certified Elephant Friendly Tea™ farmer Tenzing Bodosa

Fashion’s biodiversity problem, Part 1 of 2, Vogue Business, November 27 2019

Fashion is belatedly trying to save the Earth’s biodiversity, Part 2 of 2, Vogue Business, December 3 2019

Why did coffee and jaguars become friends in Latin America?, Latin American Post, November 19 2019

Corpamag y Procat certificaron 7 fincas con el sello Jaguar Friendly, Hoy Diario del Magdalena, November 15 2019

Corpamag entrega sello Jaguar Friendly a ocho fincas de la Sierra Nevada, El Informador, November 15 2019

En Santa Marta buscan frenar extinción del jaguar en la Sierra Nevada, El Tiempo, November 15 2019

Impulsan sello ‘Jaguar Friendly’ en el Magdalena, El Nuevo Siglo, November 14 2019

7 fincas de la Sierra Nevada obtuvieron el certificado ‘Amigo del Jaguar’, Opinión Caribe, November 14 2019

Campesinos del Magdalena y la Sierra Nevada reciben certificación por conservar al Jaguar en sus fincas, Seguimiento, November 14 2019

Corpamag, Acto de Certificación de las Fincas con el Sello Jaguar Friendly para Colombia, Pasión Por Santa Marta II, November 14 2019 (Video)

India’s elephant-friendly tea garden, BBC Travel, October 3 2019

Complications in Achieving Sustainability in Tea, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, September 2019

Linking your cup of Assam tea to elephant conservation, Mongabay India, November 14 2018

Certified Gorilla Friendly™ – Safeguarding Gorilla Tourism as a Conservation ToolBerggorilla & Regenwald E. V.

Where the wild coffee beans are, Live Mint covers Certified Wildlife Friendly™ Wild Kaapi Coffee, November 4 2018

Indian tea estate gets world’s first ‘elephant-friendly’ tag, Asia Times, September 18 2019

Looking Out for Birds? Bees?  There’s a certification for that. New Hope Network, July 31 2018

More Power2You Datsun – India Video Feature of Elephant Friendly™ Farmer Tenzing Bodosa, July 10 2018

Look for the Wild Animal Label, Field Report by Brandon Keim, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2018. Download pdf  here

Tea Farmer in India Leads Charge for Organic, Evades the Charge of Elephants, NPR, Morning Edition, February 6 2018

What’s Really Green – A Look at Beef – How Can You Prove It? (i.e., Filter Out the Bull), Triple Pundit features Wildlife Friendly® and Predator Friendly® farm certifications in North America

US brew gets Udalguri grower’s name: Honour for Tenzing, who produces Elephant Friendly™ tea, the Telegraph India does a 2nd feature on our partnership with the University of Montana

Foodtank: The Think Tank for Food includes WFEN in its 118 Organizations to Watch in 2018 that are working towards a sustainable food system

Pasturebird farm, where the chickens help the fox , The San Diego Union – Tribune

How a small tea garden in the Brahmaputra Valley became the first one in the world to secure an elephant-friendly certificate , cover story in The Hindu Sunday edition

University of Montana, WFEN Launch Elephant Friendly Tea, University of Montana News

Assam’s Udalguri district gets world’s first elephant friendly tea, NELive

Tenzing’s tea plantations in Assam are world’s first to get elephant friendly tag, The Times of India

Jumbo-friendly tag for Assam tea farmsThe Telegraph India

Assam’s Udalguri district gets world’s first elephant friendly teaThe Northeast Today

This Assamese Man’s Tea Estates Are the World’s First Elephant-Friendly OnesThe Better India

University of Montana partners with local businesses to launch elephant-friendly tea certification programThe Missoulian

Missoulians tailor a tea for the protection of Indian elephantsMissoula Independent

Lake Missoula, Cafe Dolce first to join UM’s elephant friendly tea programMissoula Current

Would you Buy a Plastic Suit from Stella McCartney?  Wildlife FriendlyTM gets a nod in the NY Times in Missoula reports on First Friday event featuring Elephant FriendlyTM Tea in Montana

How Wildlife FriendlyTM is your Brew?  The Hindu covers the India launch of Wild Kaapi CoffeeTM

Conserving Wildlife One Sweater at a Time, The Fashion Globe, Dana Kobilinsky previews Wildlife Friendly™ Certified wool producers on iconic Peninsula Valdés, Patagonia, Argentina

Brazilian Cows are Killing Endangered Birds – But “Bird Safe” Beef Could Help, Vice Magazine / Motherboard, Journalist John R. Platt gives WFEN a shout out in this article on certification labels

Listen to our Aspen Public Radio CrossCurrents Show podcast here: ACES Rock Bottom Ranch has just been certified Wildlife Friendly®

Where Wild Animals Roam: Windshadow Farm & Dairy becomes Michigan’s first Certified Wildlife Friendly® Farm, Edible Michiana, Spring 2016, article can be downloaded here

First Colorado Ranch is Certified Wildlife Friendly™: ACES Rock Bottom Ranch is considered the cream of the crop for its conservation of natural habitat, Denver Life Magazine, 2016

Wolf Safe Beef: An idea whose time has (almost) come , Vice Magazine / Motherboard

Felton Farm Uses Dogs not Guns to Deter Mountain Lions, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2014

Urban Farm Magazine Online features Predator Friendly® in their article on Food Labels.  You can download and print their Decode Your Dinner Guide here

Stella McCartney is First Global Fashion Brand to Join the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise NetworkEcouterre

Leashing the Logo Landscape, Corporate Knights

Fashion’s Wild Side: Sourcing Wool with Conservation in Mind
Ethical Fashion Forum’s SOURCE Intelligence

Ayrshire Farm a Model for Organic, Humane and Predator Friendly®, The Organic Report

Wildlife and Predator Friendly® Products

Namibia: Cheetah Conservation Fund Products certified Wildlife Friendly® The Namibian and

The Importance of Labels Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder and Director of Cheetah Conservation Fund, in Huffington Post

Green Right Now

Sustainable Food News (8/30/2013)

Ayrshire Farm, Upperville, Virginia is the first farm to gain Predator Friendly® certification in the state of Virginia. Download a PDF of this article here

Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter (Spring 2013)

Shades of Gray: Living with Wolves (Earth Focus Episode 51) Predator Friendly® and our certified enterprise Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool are featured in this film produced by Link TV: Living Peacefully with Predators

Certified Wildlife Friendly® Featured in AVEDA’s Holiday Gift Line for 3rd Year

Certified Wildlife Friendly® was proud to be featured in AVEDA’s Holiday Gift Line through our certified enterprise in Nepal Himalayan Biotrade and their beautiful handcrafted Lokta Bark paper sourced by AVEDA.

Fashioning the Future Awards, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, Certified Wildlife Friendly® and four of our certified enterprises are featured by the Fashioning the Future Awards 2012 as Unique Resources for Balance and Biodiversity

Ranching with Wolves, Huffington Post

Critter-Kind Cashmere, Discovery News: Excellent Idea of the Day

Columbia University’s Earth Institute

Experts at EcoMatters Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University list Certified Wildlife Friendly®as among the “most reliable and respected” consumer ecolabels in the world.

Wild Fibers Magazine

Predator Friendly® , our co-founder Dr. Laurie Marker, and the livestock guard dog heroes of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia are featured in  Wild Fibers Magazine, known as the “National Geographic of the fiber world” for its adventurous writers and breathtaking photos.  Available in pdf format courtesy of Wild Fibers Magazine here: Living Peacefully with Predators
With special thanks to Linda Cortright and Wild Fibers Magazine!

Zoo Peeps

Dr. Laurel Neme touts our Triple Bottom Line approach here

The Wild Life with Dr. Laurel Neme

Listen to a podcast radio interview with Certified Wildlife Friendly®’s Co-Founder (and Chief Storyteller), Julie Stein here

Keyboard Culture

Corbett Kroehler, known as “Mr. Sustainable,” proposes the approach of Certified Wildlife Friendly™ as a real alternative to global climate change here