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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

History & Founders

WFEN arose from the Summit on Wildlife Friendly Enterprise held in March 2007 at the White Oak Conservation Center in Yulee, Florida. Representatives of eight countries and 26 entities attended. At the Summit’s conclusion, participants formalized the Steering Committee for the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. The Network sets the global standard for wildlife friendly enterprise and assists members to reach new and dynamic markets.

Dr. Laurie Marker and Cheetah Conservation Fundshutterstock_155984306
Dr. Adrian Treves and Coex
Steven DuPuis and the DuPuis Group
Ann Koontz and Enterprise Works/Vita
Janelle Holden and Keystone Conservation
Abigail Breuer and Keystone Conservation
Julie Stein and Scentmark
Brad Rutherford and Snow Leopard Trust
Ray Victurine and Wildlife Conservation Society
Mike Korchinsky and Wildlife Works