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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

WFEN partners with Animal Welfare Approved to Audit Farms Coexisting with Predators

Farmers and ranchers taking steps to coexist with some of our most important native predator species will benefit from a new third‐party audited certification program audited by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), designed specifically to assess as well as reward wildlife conservation practices achieved at the farm or ranch level.

Following a three‐year partnership project with Predator Friendly1, and the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (which has now subsumed the Predator Friendly® label under its global umbrella), AWA, widely recognized as the most trusted food label when it comes to animal welfare and sustainablefarming, is proud to announce the development of the “Certified Wildlife Friendly™” program, which incorporates comprehensive standards and third‐party auditing procedures to assess key wildlife conservation practices on farms and ranches across the U.S. and Canada.

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