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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network Launches Interactive Story Map to Highlight Conservation Efforts and Wildlife Friendly® Businesses

Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network Launches Interactive Story Map to Highlight Conservation Efforts and Wildlife Friendly® Businesses

Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new interactive Story Map, which showcases our ongoing commitment to conservation and promotion of Certified Wildlife Friendly® enterprises. This innovative digital tool, available here, provides an immersive experience that illustrates the impact of our initiatives on biodiversity and community livelihoods worldwide.

The Story Map is a comprehensive visual narrative that combines maps, images, and text to highlight various projects and partnerships that are delivering tangible conservation and livelihood benefits and have joined the Wildlife Friendly® network. It underscores our mission to support enterprises that have demonstrated their commitment to conserving critical habitats and promoting coexistence between wildlife and human communities.

Key Features of the Story Map include:

  • Interactive Maps and Visuals where viewers can explore detailed maps that pinpoint the locations of Certified Wildlife Friendly® enterprises, accompanied by stunning visuals that bring these initiatives to life.
  • Success Stories that relate real-life case studies and success stories from around the globe, demonstrating how sustainable practices are making a tangible difference in conservation efforts.
  • Educational Resources available through multiple hyperlinks to websites of key conservation partners and organizations, where viewers can discover further information on the key species, the importance of Wildlife Friendly® practices, and the positive impact these initiatives have on local ecosystems and economies.
  • Partnership Highlights to guide viewers to discover more about the collaborations with local communities, conservationists, and businesses that share our vision for a Wildlife Friendly® and Nature+ future.

Christine Lippai, Executive Director of WFEN, emphasized the importance of this digital tool in promoting global awareness and engagement. “The launch of our Story Map marks a significant milestone in our efforts to advocate for Wildlife Friendly® and best management practices for conservation and development. This platform not only highlights and celebrates the incredible work being carried out across the globe, but also serves as an educational resource to inspire more consumers, businesses, and conservation organizations to join us in our mission.”

WFEN’s Story Map is an invitation to explore and learn about the critical work being undertaken to protect wildlife habitats while supporting local livelihoods. It embodies our commitment to delivering a harmonious relationship between people and nature, ensuring coexistence where both wildlife and humans thrive.

About Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN)

WFEN is a global community dedicated to the protection of wildlife in wild places and on agricultural lands, promoting sustainable livelihoods through the certification of products and services that adhere to the highest standards of wildlife stewardship and habitat conservation. Our Wildlife Friendly® certification programs ensure that consumers can make informed choices that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.