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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network welcomes its first Certified Jaguar Friendly® enterprise in Venezuela

Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network welcomes its first Certified Jaguar Friendly® enterprise in Venezuela

Desarrollos Forestales San Carlos II, S.A. (DEFORSA) has achieved the renowned Jaguar Friendly Certification for its timber, pallets, charcoal, pulp, and tissue paper products made from Eucalyptus and Corymbia tree species. With the support of the conservation NGO, ProCAT, this certification underscores DEFORSA’s commitment to sustainable forest management practices, responsible sourcing, protecting biodiversity, and fostering jaguar conservation.

The company’s two production units – DEFORSA San Carlos and DEFORSA Caño Benito – are located in the Venezuelan central upper llanos (plains), in the state of Cojedes. Spanning over 13,897 hectares, these units encompass an agroecosystem that includes both planted and natural forests, savannahs, and water bodies. The San Carlos forest covers a mix of planted Eucalyptus and Corymbia, natural forests and several artificial water bodies, while the unit at Caño Benito consists of planted Eucalyptus and Corymbia forests, small relics of natural forests and artificial water bodies. For over a decade, DEFORSA has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices through responsible management of Venezuela’s forested areas. Maintaining both natural and planted forests, DEFORSA has contributed to conservation of a thriving ecosystem and created invaluable ecological corridors that facilitate jaguar movement across the landscape.

Photo credit: Juan Diasparra

“We are thrilled to have achieved Jaguar Friendly™ certification, an award for our dedication to responsible forestry and the conservation of jaguars and their habitat. This certification not only highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship but also reaffirms our commitment to deliver high-quality products sourced from sustainable forestry practices. DEFORSA remains steadfast in its compliance with the environmental policies of the Environmental Management & Biodiversity System, ensuring unwavering support for wildlife”, said Katia Silva, Manager at DEFORSA.

DEFORSA’s own Environmental Management policies to promote forest and wildlife conservation include an emphasis on prevention of illegal poaching and forest fires in an area where deforestation rates are high due to livestock development in Venezuela. All field personnel working with DEFORSA and in the neighboring communities undergo training in best practices for the agroforestry and silvopastoral operations, which include the use of low-impact herbicides and minimal tillage for soil preparation. In addition, DEFORSA carries out awareness-raising events on biodiversity protection, to ensure that its personnel and surrounding communities work towards conserving the ecosystem, including topics such as:

  • Creation of a ‘Friends of Jaguar’ Program where wildlife and forestry conservation awareness is conducted on neighboring cattle ranches to enhance local knowledge on jaguars and their importance as an umbrella species in ecosystems.
  • The Good Neighbor Program where neighboring communities are provided with training in forest fire prevention and guidance on the construction of firebreaks and control practices in the event of a fire.
  • Conducting permanent day and night surveillance to prevent poaching, logging, and other activities that affect wildlife.

“We are delighted to welcome the DEFORSA forestry plantation company into our Certified Jaguar Friendly™ network. Their evident commitment to responsible forestry and conservation of jaguars and their habitats exemplifies the principles of our certification program. By joining the network as Venezuela’s first Certified Jaguar Friendly™ enterprise, DEFORSA sets a high standard for Wildlife Friendly® practices in the industry. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on wildlife conservation and sustainable forestry in Venezuela and beyond,” said Christine Lippai, Executive Director of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.

About ProCAT

ProCAT works to develop biological research and to promote social and cultural sustainable development goals using an interdisciplinary approach including the human and natural dimensions of wild field conflicts. In this context, Jaguar Friendly™ certification promotes sustainable agricultural practices that protect the jaguar’s habitat as well as other endangered species, encouraging harmonious coexistence between agricultural practices and wildlife.

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WFEN is a global community dedicated to the protection of wildlife in wild places and on agricultural lands, promoting sustainable livelihoods through the certification of products and services that adhere to the highest standards of wildlife stewardship and habitat conservation. Our Wildlife Friendly® certification programs ensure that consumers can make informed choices that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.