Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

Wildlife Friendly Holds Scaling-Up Workshop

Left to Right: Terry Blumer, Julie Stein, David Bell, Ann Koontz, Abigail Breuer, Steven DuPuis, Helen Crowley, Ray Victurine, Laurel Neme and Ben Packard.

The Wildlife Friendly® Enterprise Network Scaling-Up Workshop and Certified Wildlife Friendly™ Tradeshow were held June 12 to 15, 2011 on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Hosted by the Wildlife Friendly® Enterprise Network (WFEN), EnterpriseWorks/VITA and Translinks and supported by USAID and WFEN, the workshop included 44 people from around the world and the United States representing industry, donors, conservation groups, NGOs, media, and certified wildlife friendly enterprises.

The workshop included both meeting and interactive events in order to provide a dynamic setting for interaction among the participants and grow WFEN and Certified Wildlife Friendly™. A Wildlife Friendly® film festival featuring productions from the certified companies; the keynote address and discussion with Ben Packard of Starbuck; presentations from 10 of the Certified Wildlife Friendly™ Enterprises; industry and partners panels; and a Wildlife Friendly® products tradeshow.

Download: Executive Summary (100kb) | Proceedings-2011 (2.1mb)