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Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

The Certified Wildlife Friendly® seal protects the world's most endangered wildlife in some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.


The Predator Friendly® Production Standards were developed for North America and recognize wildlife stewardship on farm and ranch lands. Participating producers employ a mix of proactive practices and careful observation, and adapt their management in response to changing conditions to allow wildlife and livestock to coexist. Participants value the ability of their operations to serve as habitat for wildlife, including predators and other key species.

For producers outside the United States, certain aspects of these standards have been incorporated within our global criteria.

All of our standards are available on our website here.

For more information regarding which standards apply to your specific enterprise, contact

Predator Friendly® Certified Standards are available for download here: Predator Friendly Standards FINAL 2013 v1.0

Certified Wildlife Friendly® and Predator Friendly®  Certified Definitions are available for download here: Certified Wildlife Friendly and Predator Friendly definitions FINAL 2013 v1.1

A list of Key Species in the U.S. and Canada is available for download here: Key Species for Canada and the US