Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network


Global Certification Criteria

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) was formally organized in 2007 to promote wildlife conservation through facilitation of responsible production practices, enterprise development, education and branding. Products (outside of North America) may be certified by WFEN if:

  • The product contributes directly to in situ conservation of key species. Qualified products are fundamentally linked to on-the-ground conservation actions. A direct link between production and conservation is essential for certification by the Network. Products that donate a percentage of profits to conservation but do not abate threats to key species fall outside of WFEN.
  • Production has a positive impact on the local economy. To help ensure communities living with wildlife adopt conservation practices, the associated benefits should be tangible and significant. Certified products must contribute to increases in local incomes and/or improvements to livelihoods.
  • Individuals or communities living with wildlife participate in the production, harvest, processing or manufacture of the product. Transparent, written criteria define individual or community eligibility, conservation goals and monitoring procedures. Signed agreements clearly define the responsibilities of individual and/or community, NGO, business and other partners to each other and identify the conditions under which any transfer of money, goods or services occur.
  • The product’s conservation mission includes a clear enforcement mechanism, such that failure to follow through with required conservation actions results in immediate consequences, including forfeiture of any economic reward. These consequences must be pre-negotiated and documented in an agreement signed by participating producers and other appropriate partners. Inability to make substantive corrections in a reasonable timeframe will result in suspension from the Network, including loss of certification and provision of information to vendors and distributors.
  • Producers and/or NGO, business and other partners strive to monitor the impact of production activities on wildlife in order to ensure that practices benefit species of concern.

A product that contributes to or fosters consumptive use of wildlife in any way will face a highly critical review for its ability to meet the criteria listed above. This review will take into account the key species of concern and their characteristics at the particular site.